Japan BitFlyer to reach US Markets

Japan’s BitFlyer, bitcoin exchange is all set to expand its boundaries. Though the exact date of launch is still unclear but presumptions are being made. BitFlyer said it’s committing to sometime by the end of 2017.

The exchange has extended its branch in San Francisco, and representatives of the company conveyed that bitFlyer has obtained approval to operate in 34 states when it launches.

Plans are to launch bitcoin trading in the markets, following more cryptocurrency integrations in the future. BitFlyer exchange aims in to “expand to support other trading pairs and products” over the course of next year.

CEO Yuzo Kano said in a statement:

“While BitFlyer, Inc.is headquartered in Japan, my vision was always to create a global company, and I am excited that the U.S. will be its first step toward global expansion. Bitcoin is a global currency, now our exchange will be global too.”

Last year, the startup raised roughly $27 million in a Series C funding round.

And as per records, Yuzo Kano said that bitFlyer’s banking investors are primarily interested in its blockchain technology work, as well as what he described as “various FinTech related resources” that the company has in addition to its digital currency exchange.

And to date it has garnered more than $34 million in venture capital.


Source : coindesk


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