April 7, 2018
3 months deadline

RBI prohibits dealing with Banks, bans Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been in news for a long time. Discussion at times has been in favor and the rest against the policy. Another statement, “RBI prohibits […]
February 14, 2018
Ajeet Khurana proposal

Indian Bitcoin Exchanges to maintain user database

Indian Bitcoin Exchanges planning to maintain a user database. Rattled by the Finance minister terming cryptocurrency as illegal tender and certain actions taken previously, exchanges are […]
January 12, 2018

Validation of Cryptocurrency Trading on Approved Exchanges: Russia Drafts Bill

Legalization of Cryptocurrency Trading in Russia has finally taken a form of a Bill. Russian Ministry of Finance presented the Bill at the end of December. […]
January 10, 2018

Eastman Kodak join cryptocraze with “KodakCoin”; shares uprise

An American technology company The Eatman Kodak Company, joins the crypto craze. Earlier, several other companies also stepped into cryptocurrency business and had gained good profit. […]