Limited Emission of Bitcoin??

What are you talking about? Just 21 million bitcoins? Is Emission of Bitcoin limited?

Most of us halt when we hear a fixed value. Since Bitcoin is a global digital currency and the population is way beyond numbers. So getting up stuck to a particular digit makes people think before investing in. People confuse this when I say only 21million bitcoins are going to be generated. Then how will there be enough bitcoins for circulation when there are billion people in the world.

Let me explain. It’s true that the Bitcoin network will only create 21 million bitcoins. At present 14 million of them have already been created and so as the supply is fixed and the demand keeps increasing the price of the bitcoin will go up just like the way it has gone in past which means bitcoin is resistant to hyperinflation, just like precious metals are.

Let’s take an example of gold.

Just like gold, we generally prefer to buy gold in kilograms if its price in the market is low. And if the price goes high, instead of kilograms we prefer buying in grams and miligrams. But gold is physical you cannot divide them into atoms and molecules. Whereas Bitcoin is nothing else but a number, an electronic token. It’s a number which means its infinitely divisible. In fact, already a bitcoin is divisible up to the 8 decimal not like two decimal places which we are used to with national currency. Up to the 8 decimal which is fondly called the Satoshi named after the founder which means when you own 1 bitcoin you actually own 100 million Satoshi. So don’t worry there will be always enough Bitcoins for circulation.

Though the number may seem less in comparison to the population, the 8 decimals will never let it fall less.

Just feel free to invest in!




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